Maplewood Fire Department

Maplewood Families Receive Donated Thanksgiving Baskets


Monday, November 20, 2017 Twenty-Five Maplewood families are being provided with a full Thanksgiving dinner and will have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season thanks to the generous donation of food from FMBA Local 25, the Maplewood Firefighter’s Union, PBA Local 44, the Maplewood Police Union, and the Stop & Shop of South Orange. The FMBA and PBA both provided the funds to purchase items such as canned cranberry sauce, stuffing, and bottles of apple cider. The Stop & Shop, with the help of store manager Joe Heiser, donated the majority of the food and Stop & Shop gift cards. The items were gathered by Stop & Shop employees, and picked up and delivered to town hall by members of FMBA Local 25 and PBA Local 44. Once the food was delivered, the Thanksgiving baskets were assembled and distributed to the families to enjoy on Thanksgiving.